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8-grid circle postmark (l)

10-grid circle postmark (l)

8-grid circle postmark with part circular ring (atl)

6-grid ellipse postmark (l)

6-grid ellipse postmark with circle in square (l)

8-grid ellipse postmark with circle (3l)

9-grid ellipse postmark with circle (l)

11-grid ellipse postmark (l)

14-grid ellipse postmark with circle (l)

grid square postmark with circles (at3l)

grid square postmark with circles (at3lab)

6-grid rectangle (l)

7-grid rhomb

12-grid rhomb (l)

14-grid rhomb (l)

15-grid rhomb

15-grid rhomb

15-grid rhomb (l)

16-grid rhomb (l)

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